New Brunswick Roads - NB 100/old TCH 1, Reversing Falls

NB 100, former TCH 1, and Reversing Falls

A pair of bridges span the Saint John River at the Reversing Falls, one for a railroad and one for NB 100. The roadway bridge is much prettier from the side.

The Bay of Fundy, home to some of the largest tides in the world, is lapping into the Saint John River to create the Reversing Falls. At its peak, the bay is 4.5 meters above the river, and at its ebb, the bay is the same distance lower, so this area is almost always scenic. The Bay of Fundy also creates a phenomenon on calmer rivers known as a tidal bor, where sea water gently rolls over river water in small waves.

You don't have to take my word for it that the river's running backwards. Watch the water flow from east to west, from Fundy to Fredericton, by clicking on this short video. If you listen closely, the video will click back.

Continuing EB across the bridge to Saint John. See, up there on the hillside? Told you.

The roadworthy photos on this page, forgotten signs EB on a railroad overpass and circular walk signals where NB 100 turns right on Main St.; circular lenses are for signal indications, and square lenses are supposed to be for walk signals. I don't think the signs were bent to the bridge, I think it just happened from a combination of wind, trucks, and time. They're actually rather far apart on the span, so I elected to crop out the boring concrete between them rather than decrease the photo quality. I imagine the "1" was reapplied recently because that's the destination most people are looking for, whereas no one cares if the "100" has faded away. They should have replaced the sign while they were up there.

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