New Brunswick Roads - NB 1

The Digdeguash River looking south from NB 1 in the eponymous town. (After using it for the first time in a semi-jocular manner, I can't seem to get away from that word.) The first photo shows a few bridge piers stuck in the water with no bridge. Once I saw that, I knew where to head next.

Coming back west on the old alignment to the old bridge. I'm not typing "Digdeguash" again (except for right there). There are still stripes in the middle of the road and along the shoulders, which curiously didn't settle like the rest of the road. The stripes appear to be white, letting you know how old the bridge is - either it closed no later than the 1970's or long enough ago that these were yellow stripes since faded to white. Judging from the condition of the road, I believe the former.

Onto the crumbling 1938 bridge, following the gentle curve and the traces of centerline until I can go no further, and staring wistfully at the bridge piers, wishing I could DeLorean back in time and continue on. But if I tried to go 88 mph on this bridge, I would indeed see some serious shit. (Pardon the language, but if you don't recognize the quote, you've never seen the unexpurgated movie.)

The morning fog slowly lifts from the D - nope, caught myself - river while I explore the bridge.

Back east down the paved old alignment to the modern highway. The closed road is slowly growing toward invisibility, and without the fresh layer of pavement, you can once more see the traces of old striping.

Another interesting bridge back on the current highway, EB into the morning fog.

Harbour Bridge seen from somewhat above on the hilltop known as Fort Howe. Yes, there's a fort there and everything, but the views are the exciting part. This is a toll bridge, while the Reversing Falls Bridge to the west (NB 100) is free. Given that you can see the Reversing Falls from the other bridge, unless there's a terrible amount of traffic around, it's worth the detour. I imagine it's even more enticing to take 100 to not be stuck behind one of the many RVs on this bridge during construction. Incidentally, as I've linked below, NB 100 is old NB 1.

Looking east at the EB exit rising to NB 100/Water St.

The most fun view from Fort Howe is of what I'll dub "Little Hollywoodland."

EB through a construction zone that looks to be a new Exit 127 (1) across Marsh Creek. I presume this is replacing Exit 128, an inadequate connection that only serves Eastmount from NB 1 eastbound (WB's Exit 128 leads around the back of Rockwood Park to the west).

The future ramp to 1 EB ("NB 1 EB" is just so awkward) bears left in this south-facing photo, and the ramp to 1 WB bears right.

This foundation will support the onramp to 1 EB.

French Village Covered Bridge, crossed by NB 860, crossing the Hammond River, seen from NB 1 eastbound past Rothesay (the header photo for this page was taken on Campbell Drive NB in that town).

Just past the Hammond River, NB 1 westbound has a ghost off- and on-ramp pair. Porter Rd. was realigned just up the hillside, and I wonder if there was a quick one-sided exit to it before the realignment. It would still be feasible to keep the two roadways connected, but there must be some policy against keeping a half-exit open.

NB 100, former NB 1

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