Montana Roads - MT 117

MT 117 begins here at MT 24. Learn some history, spot the typo.

The old Montana font and the town's best facsimile thereof grace the southern reaches of the highway.

That same turn is the junction of Yellowstone and, apparently, Yellow Stone. MT 117 turns off of Yellowstone Rd., which heads past the Fort Peck interpretive center. There was every opportunity to provide a different street name for one of these. STOP copying names.

More ultra-bold shields (like the one atop the page) and more errors at the very same turn. The US 2 shield should have a "TO" banner heading NB, and the old-font MT 24 shield should have one heading SB. Please don't replace that shield with something ultra-bold, or at all.

Need a dredge? Better be light out. SB.

Wanna go in a train? This is turning into a real vacation here. Old fort, fishing, trains...

A brief burst of scenery, NB (2 photos) and SB.

NB (2 photos) and SB (last 2) over the Milk River.

One last, old-font SB sign.

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