Montana Roads - Misc. Old Photos

Miscellaneous 20th-century photos

A pair of shields courtesy Michael Summa, taken in 1979. The blue EAST in the first photo may be due to I-94, which is just to the west, near Miles City. That first photo shows Montana's native font (similar to Maine's or Massachusetts' of the same era); FHWA standardization finally killed the fun. You'll see more of the font in this state among Michael's photos.

On I-90 WB was one of the speed limit signs from the short-lived "Reasonable and Prudent" era after the NMSL (National Maximum Speed Limit) was repealed. (This photo was taken in 1997.) Before 55 MPH was enacted nationwide, both Montana and Nevada had no speed limit. In the new era, R&P was ultimately disallowed on the grounds of vagueness in enforcement. But hey, I got to travel at 100 MPH legally on public highways, and not many people can say that.

More old font, again from Michael Summa in 1979; the first is in Miles City.

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