Mississippi Roads - US 98

US 98

All photos taken WB.

Starting the page off with a 1984 Michael Summa photo, just like it ends.

Only Mississippi uses that bottom sign, and yet they wonder why we make jokes about them.

US 98 WB/MS 63 SB and up the MS 63 ramp. If things look quite fishy, it's because MS 63 is still being constructed on a new alignment to the north. Once that happens, it will no longer need to use US 98 as a crutch to get between new and old alignments. There are plenty of construction photos on the MS 63 page, so click on over via the link at bottom.

Continuing my photo run from Alabama, these are photos of what would be the eastbound lanes of US 98 if Mississippi's dualization of the roadway extended into Alabama. But it doesn't, and Alabama REALLY must have complained about building any extra roadway if Mississippi ended up with an unused bridge and an early merge down to two lanes. The Alabama state line does not follow the Escatawpa River, it just happens to cross at the same point that US 98 does, so the first photo looking vaguely behind me ends up capturing some of that state.

Ending the page with a 1984 Michael Summa photo, just like it started.

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