Mississippi Roads - US 82/Old US 49E

US 82 and Former US 49E/82

The Leland, MS Chamber of Commerce has a historical sign and a frog. Leland is the official home of Kermit the Frog, so designated by Mr. Jim Henson himself. And if anyone would know, it's him.

EB junctions with intriguing shields.

I detoured into Greenwood on old US 82 EB/US 49E SB, and I was glad I did right from the start.

Looking west at the Keesler Bridge, which has been repaired into excellent shape. I saw a "before" photo, and just from what I saw, I would have supported a decision to dismantle the truss. This was clearly a labor of love, and the bridge gleams in shining white.

Coincidental intersection.

Now facing south, old US 82/49E head down and out of Greenwood under the railroad. But before they do, I skipped something with the intention of saving the best for last.

US 11 was blue, and these are the only other colors I know of - obviously US 82 was also blue. Click for a closeup that shows you that US 49E was red. Unlike the shield on the US 11 page, these are the only cutouts I know of in the state.

Current and former US 49 (no suffix)
MS 182, former US 82

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