Mississippi Roads - US 61/MS 161

US 61 and MS 161

Stealing a couple of Vicksburg business route photos, these aren't on the Former US 80 page (see big link below) because they're not on former US 80. The old railroad bridge, seen SB, is north of their junction south of the city, though originally I imagine US 80 went straight in on Clay St. and down US 61/Washington St. The highway shields are NB just before old US 80 begins. You'll definitely want to see what that page has to offer once you're done with this one.

Looking south from the southern end of MS 161 and north from the northern end. Both stubs, because MS 161 was originally two-lane US 61 in Walls.

US 61 SB at the north end of the road you saw leading north from MS 161. MS 161 was tailored to bend east to a T intersection, whereas the old road just barely bends at the end and doesn't even cross the highway to the NB side.

Former US 80, Vicksburg and Business US 61

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