Mississippi Roads - US 49

US 49

NB on an old alignment of US 49 from US 98 into Hattiesburg. I can't tell how this section tied into the next one south of Camp Shelby/Hagler Army Airfield because this one comes from the east, away from the US 49 corridor.

Hattiesburg, or pieces thereof, on the old road to the left and right.

Now north of the city, courtesy Michael Summa from 1984. In mile-based exit numbering, these are now Exits 67A-B. (The FHWA later decided not to allow directional exit lettering with N-S and E-W, although I disagree with that decision.)

Although it's not mentioned here on Ellis Ave. SB, US 49 is indeed now on I-20 south of Jackson. I have a closeup of the state-name shield in the first photo, but you'll have to check out the I-20 page (linked below) to see it.

SB at and onto I-220, with the second photo probably approaching Exit 2.

The old US 49 runs just to the west of the current 4-lane highway south of Yazoo City. Every so often, a bridge has been taken out or dirt is just dumped across the road to prevent through traffic from using it. I don't see why that would ever be a problem, because two lanes in either direction is more than sufficient for any traffic that may use US 49.

I-55 and US 49/I-20/I-55
US 82 and former US 49E/US 82 in Greenville

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