Mississippi Roads - US 45/MS 145

and MS 145

This and the photo atop the page head NB from Columbus.

Looking north at a railroad truss east of US 45 and just off the old 45 (now a stub at the Tombigbee River). In fact, the road passing underneath here is former MS 25.

The road now curves from a T junction at US 45, briefly aligning with old 2-lane 45, then curves again gently into old MS 25. At the end of that curve, you can turn back along a stub of old MS 25 and come to the original bent T junction that it had with the old US 45. These photos look "north" and "south" along the stub of old 45 at the end of old 27 (it's really west and east because the highway curves to cross the river). Not to overuse the word, but there's something else old about the first photo, and it's the railroad crossing - it was a spur line from the Monroe County Airport south along the river and then curving east, but now has been mostly ripped up and partially overlaid by modern US 45.

Two of the Tombigbee River trusses - first looking north from US 45 for a different view than before of the railroad truss, and then a smaller one on the north side of the river. That's your best view of old US 45, because while the main span has been dismantled, this side span still juts out into the river. Go explore it while you can.

A pair from two different MS 145 sections, the number given to all state-maintained pieces of former US 45. The first, a street sign reading "HWY 45", clearly dates to before Aberdeen was bypassed. The second is in Nettleton.

Between those two photos is this one on US 45 with two narrow US 278 shields. Pardon the dusk.

US 45 NB/US 278 WB bypassing Tupelo. US 278 drops out at Main St. just before US 45 meets US 78.

See Aberdeen on MS 145
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