Mississippi Roads - US 11

US 11

Gordon St. SB at Pine St. in northern Hattiesburg.

SB past railroad bridges old and new into Laurel. The second and third photos are respectively the left and right sides of the abandoned one.

Heading back north from Laurel. Now why did I double back twice?

Because I missed this the first time through and had to check my notes. It's on 2nd Ave. SB, well concealed and hopefully still up for more people to discover it. Like Arizona and Florida, Mississippi experimented with a colored US route system, though it's more like Florida's system where each route has a different color, versus Arizona's old system of each direction being a color that applied to all routes. Unlike either of those states, there are only a couple of known remnants of the system (Arizona has none, Florida has comparatively many), but they are dwindling in number.

Continuing NB. I tried doing a metric conversion, and 57,650 lb. just does not come out cleanly. The weight limit on primary highways is 80,000 lb., and 57,650 is not a clean fraction from there either. Someone from the state want to explain where the limit comes from?

This former US 11 bridge is just north of Enterprise to the west of the current highway.

US 11 hops onto I-20/59 for a short distance and comes off it again at MS 39, with old shields on either end. Although it's newer than the others, the I-59 shield is also meritous of my page because it's more than a little off center.

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