Mississippi Roads - MS 63

This and the header photo are on the ramp from US 98 WB that currently carries MS 63 SB. Once this new bypass extends north of Lucedale past Leakesville, MS 63 will once again cross US 98 without intersecting. Pascagoula will be peeled off the final destination (Leakesville or Waynesboro) and a North 63 assembly will be added to the header photo.

Leading up to that exit on US 98 WB/current MS 63 SB, all set to remove the South banner and change the destination.

Looking north along MS 63 from the US 98 WB ramp toward Ernest Pipkins Rd., the next intersection northward. The US 98 sign is waiting to be erected for future SB traffic.

Looking south where the NB lanes are blocked off, forcing traffic to choose a direction of US 98.

More northward views from the SB lanes, culminating in a close look at the Ernest Pipkins Rd. intersection.

I was intrigued, so here I am at Ernest Pipkins Rd. looking south back at US 98. No, I didn't drive on the unopened road - there were crews working at the time.

I used only legally open roads to do my reconnaissance, here on Ernest Pipkins WB. The crossing of MS 63 is only awkwardly humped because everything is missing the final layer of pavement.

Looking further north on MS 63, including the SB and NB sides in the last two photos. Not wanting to lose too much time and not knowing where the next crossing was, this is as far as the page goes. The new road may actually be open by the time you read this.

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