Mississippi Roads - MS 182 (old US 82)

MS 182, former US 82

EB in downtown Columbus. The cemetery sign sits in the narrow grassy median outside Tennessee Williams' house.

Closeup of the green sign in the church photo. It's a confusing one, because the sign and the MS 69 shield look fairly new, but the East and South banners look fairly old. Have they just aged that badly? Why weren't they just written on the sign from the start? Can the sign really be old enough to have said US 82 instead of MS 182, and if not, why isn't the MS 182 part of the sign itself?

All these interesting signs happen at one intersection - Main St. EB at Short Main St. Short Main is indeed short, and continues the straight line of Main St. eastward by a couple of blocks. If you know MS 182 at all, you'd know it really doesn't have such a thing as an "exit." Hopefully the overhead signs are replaced soon and MS 69 gets added up there so that traffic doesn't rely on the gore signs, because if the MS 182 shield is any indication, the MS 69 won't survive very long.

WB just inside the state line.

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