Mississippi Roads - I-20


I-20 and US 80 WB into Louisiana. The truss to the right carries a rail line on the near side and former US 80 on the far side. You can't drive on it anymore, and probably even walking on it would not be recommended because the Mississippi is a very wide river and there are a lot of bluffs on the MS side from which to see the bridge. If you'd like to see more, try the old US 80 link below.

At Exit 11, Bovina.

Ellis Ave. SB at I-20 Exit 42. State-name shields aren't hard to find in this state, but old-spec shields are a little more elusive. Click on the first photo for a closeup.

Westbound in 1984, courtesy Michael Summa. Exits 26 to 36 would now be Exits 90A to 104 (or so).

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Into Louisiana on I-20
Into Alabama on I-20
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