Missouri Roads - MO 366/old US 66

MO 366,

All photos are eastbound.

Except this one.

Soon after MO 366 begins, it hits a split in the route where Bypass US 66 was designated just three years after MO 366 was custom-built as US 66. It makes no sense that US 50 WB is also to the left, when by taking it down MO 366 WB it would get to I-44 more quickly for its multiplex.
If it were up to me, the railroad overpass would be more famous than the custard stand.

Under the Missouri Pacific RR (now part of Union Pacific, but don't change the sign please) just east of Meramec St., with U-turn overpasses on either side to serve a few houses.

Some southbound side street in the Gravois Park neighborhood, east of where US 66 turned off at MO 30.

Parallel US 66 alignments: MO 100 and US 67
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