Missouri Roads - MO 100/old US 66

MO 100, former US 66

All photos are eastbound.

The landmark motel in Gray Summit and its corresponding sign from I-44, still US 66's last alignment when that second "you passed it" sign at Exit 253 went up.West of Exit 251, MO 100 breaks away from old US 66, but from here on it's all the original 66 routing, prior even to the surface route that parallels I-44 and turns into MO 366.

Looking east at twin bridges over Broadway in St. Louis. The one on the left is a railroad leading onto the MacArthur Bridge, and the other is former US 66 leading onto the former top deck of that same bridge. Because the top deck is former, the whole approach is closed off - okay, actually, you could get out and walk on it, but I've heard that in this neighborhood, you would likely not return from that walk.

In the foreground, the stub abutment of the MacArthur Bridge on 7th St. (there's plenty more at the big link below), and the Gateway Arch in the back.

Looking north along 6th St. at the US 66 bridge stub (left) and railroad trestle (overhead, with the I-64 onramp behind).

The aforeseen truss over Broadway, and the less glamorous crossing over 4th St. as it diverges into a one-way pair. For all these photos of the MacArthur Bridge, it wasn't even the original US 66 Mississippi River crossing, despite being so convenient to MO 100 and already existing in 1926 - US 66 went north through the city to the McKinley Bridge. Maybe there were missing connections on the Illinois side, or maybe Missouri just wanted to hog 66 for that extra mile.

Parallel US 66 alignments: MO 366 and US 67
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