Missouri Roads - I-70


EB, not button copy, just faded.

Salt Lick Rd. NB, which becomes MO 79 here, at I-70 Exit 220.

Unnecessarily wide shields on the EB Exit 222A ramp.

Mid Rivers Mall Dr. NB has more of the wide shields, but that's not the focus here. Okay, maybe it is, but this was also a brand-new diverging diamond interchange (DDI) in 2014 that I wanted to check out. Traffic crosses itself on either end of the bridge to remove all left turns across the opposite direction, in exchange for a setup that runs a risk of wrong-way driving. The second NB-WB ramp lane seems suboptimal, because it becomes unusable as soon as I stop behind the Honda until the light turns green. The divergence is better the farther from the signal it gets.

Are you not tempted to head to the right here? This is SB.

EB across the Missouri River on the 1978 Blanchette Memorial Bridge. The 1958 WB span is part of the first highway project constructed using Interstate funds from the 1956 Federal Aid Highway Act.

More things old and EB include the MO 180 overpass (Exit 234) and the McKinley Bridge in St. Louis.

This railroad bridge is now part of the Great Rivers Greenway, but still has all the railroad trappings including abandoned tracks and catenary supports. Also, it's pretty much just this bridge for now with nowhere to go to the north.

St. Louis is characterized by its triplex shields, but here's a unique duplex variant on Washington Ave. WB (the stub next to Eads Bridge), to avoid the ambiguity of signing I-70 WB to the right and a generic 70 straight ahead. Isn't it amazing how so much can fit on a 24" x 24" shield? Why not use a wider one? Note that with the opening of the Stan Musial Bridge in 2014, this is now I-44 instead of I-70 and all these shields must go.

Here is said new bridge, looking north from around Lewis St.

The Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge was one of the features of the 2014 St. Louis Road Meet. Photos head east from Tucker Blvd.

A look south at the Martin Luther King (cantilever truss), Eads (below-deck arch), and MacArthur (arched truss at right) Bridges across the Mississippi River. Hidden among them is the Poplar St. Bridge that carries I-55, I-64, and US 40, and formerly I-70 as well.

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