Missouri Roads - I-64/US 40/US 61

and I-64/US 40/US 61

The end of I-64 WB turns into US 61 despite the entire freeway being US 40. All of I-64 is US 40 because the I-64 designation was only applied years after the freeway, once it was extended westward to meet I-70 again. Until then, I-64 never existed in Missouri, leading to the curiosity wherein I-44 and I-64 both ended at the same bridge. I still say they should be one continuously-numbered freeway, and I-44 would work just fine without coming near a like-numbered US Highway. Back to the photos, I don't see why you would continue on US 61 north. Other signs suffice to tell you which route goes where. Wentzville is now the next "3" exits and should have been well before 2014, with the first exit leading to I-70 WB and the next two along US 61 on either side of Wentzville.

WingHaven Blvd. sounds like free advertising for a bar, but it's really a country club. Among these WB photos, the first lacks an exit tab (6) and the last, now on the frontage road, is the original 1935 US 40/61 Peruque Creek crossing at Lake St. Louis.

WB through Exit 14 reconstruction of the Chesterfield Airport Rd. WB overpass. You can see the old bridge behind it with a clearance issue, and then it dovetails nicely into a couple of old bridges that we're about to explore. You can see cranes there, and the construction continues with a new span to the south of these two.

This is the Daniel Boone Bridge on I-64/US 40/US 61, WB toward St. Charles County. One of these bridges was once US 40. The one I'm about to cross looks suspiciously narrow considering the EB side is four lanes and especially with those solid lane lines, so I'd pick that as once having been a smashing 2-lane road with shoulders. This 1937 bridge was converted to 3 through lanes due to the same rising demand that initially resulted in the 1989 twin span and now the I-64 designation, but with it nearing the end of its lifespan in 2014, it was time for replacement. The boring new 2015 bridge was built to the south, becoming EB with the 1989 bridge switching directions. They really should have made it a truss to match.

Across the old span in all its narrow glory.

An EB view courtesy Scott Colbert.

From the end of I-170 SB to I-270, via I-64/US 40 WB/US 61 SB. Ballas Rd. still is SR JJ to the south, so I'm not sure why that was covered.

More construction, WB from the temporarily closed Vandeventer Ave. left merge through an interchange rebuild at Exit 36B. Boyle Ave. (3rd photo) and Tower Grove Ave. (5th photo) are being redone and Newstead Ave. beyond them has just been completed.

Looking east from Tucker Blvd. as it comes to the seismically stable but unwieldy-looking I-64 bi-level viaduct (left). The MacArthur Bridge, former US 66, is to the right. Front and center is an old building that fuzzily looks like a truss bridge entrance.

6th St. NB in St. Louis, which becomes an onramp after Gratiot St. The multi-shield for once fails in an application, because I-64 EB is the obvious best way to get to I-55 NB and I-70 EB, seeing as how all three cross the Mississippi on the same bridge.

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