Missouri Roads - I-55/US 61/I-44/I-64/US 40

and US 61, I-44, I-64/US 40

Odd arrow placement and a tiny afterthought Great River Road shield, illegible at highway speeds, NB with US 61 and down the Exit 32 ramp. The Exit 19 sign could be 2 feet shorter if the arrow went next to the shield, but even at this height, it belongs at the bottom.

Illinois is very lax with its arrows, clearly. These photos are SB; I wonder what state secondary shield was accidentally laid in under the I-57. It's a pretty egregious error.

A famous St. Louis triplex sign, probably dating to the 1970s, courtesy Scott Colbert.

The modern-day equivalent, on Tucker Blvd. SB at M.L.K., Jr. Drive, is somewhat less interesting without the state name.

I-55 NB shares space with I-44 EB as they approach the MacArthur Bridge in downtown St. Louis. The top deck carried US 66 traffic decades ago but was removed shortly after my 2014 photos, leaving the bottom rail deck.

This was the first exit on I-55 SB and I-64/US 40 WB (as well as I-70 historically) off the Poplar St. Bridge in MO until 2015, when the "I-70 West" exit (now I-44 EB for another mile and a half) was combined with Exit 40B. The ramp carrying the I-55 mainline was widened to 2 lanes and the curve radius was improved.

This pole holds the "Welcome to Missouri" sign, and only one shield. No love for I-64 and US 40, but at least a state name.

The view from there south along the Mississippi River features the MacArthur Bridge once more.

The view to the north is more multifarious, with a syzygy of the Eads, Martin Luther King, and Stan Musial bridges. The Eads is the below-deck arch, MLK is the truss, and the new Stan (I-70) is the cable stay.

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