Missouri Roads - I-44


The only way to trace former US 66 between Exits 167-176 is by following the Interstate. Follow the helpful blue signs east to Sugar Tree Rd., and ignore the interloping brown sign that clearly does not belong. There is no old US 66 to the left from the exit ramp.

US 50 joins at Exit 247 and old US 66 joins again at Exit 261. However, there's a short, cut-off old alignment of 66 just to the north across the Meramec River, easily accessible from I-44/US 50 on both sides. Other than that bridge in Route 66 State Park, stay on the EB Interstate until MO 366 to follow US 66.

Quite old EB exit tab, possibly dating to when Missouri implemented mile-based exit numbering, and curious exit signs that have the arrows in absolutely the wrong places. The sharp observer will notice several "S" problems on the leftmost sign - the capital 'S' in "St" is tilted, and the bold, lower case 's' in "Louis" was swapped with the regular, upper case 's' in "East."

The progression of state-name shields from Vandeventer Ave. NB at Exit 287B.

EB and WB views of the Arch on former I-70, one heading north from the Poplar St. Bridge and the other south from the new Stan Musial Bridge. Since I-44 leads straight into I-70 WB, the onramp sign isn't wrong, but it was more right pre-Stan.

First shield on I-44 WB is for a diferent route, but it's temporary.

Exit 176 or others to old US 66 (I-44's predecessor)
Former I-44 and US 66, Arlington

Business I-44, Joplin (MO 66)
Business I-44, Waynesville-St. Robert
Business I-44, Pacific

Into Oklahoma on I-44
Over to Route 66 State Park
Exit 276 to I-270
Exit 277A to MO 366
To I-55
To I-70
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