Missouri Roads - I-270

SB near the end of the route, needing arrow assistance (they belong on the bottom). The distance sign should show MO 30 and MO 21 for the first two lines, in addition to or instead of the street names. On the last line, if MoDOT wants to say "Rtes I-55 &," then the rest of the line needs to be routes - US 61, US 67, and MO 267 beginning just to the north at US 50. Wouldn't that be so much more helpful for people unfamiliar with the area?

St. Louis SR ACW, New Halls Ferry Rd. (or just plain Halls Ferry when the Old road isn't nearby), WB at I-270 Exit 30.

WB, the direction that will become SB. I can't figure out why these signs would have different shields, because everything else looks the same.

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