Missouri Roads - Broadway, St. Louis

Broadway, St. Louis

As I follow MO 100 on Chouteau Ave., I come next to the MacArthur Bridge and former US 66 approach as it crosses over Broadway. The road deck and its trusses fell out of use decades ago and was removed in 2014.

Now that I-70 has opened on the new Stan Musial Bridge, it's not on the Poplar Street Bridge, so MoDOT had to scramble to fill the void. And... not quite. One of the 44s must have been a 70 once, you'd think, but the first photo is a new assembly. Just a strange error. I'm sure it was supposed to look like the third shield with no 44 at top. The error is SB as Broadway crosses I-44 (formerly I-70) south of Cass Ave. and shields progress to Biddle St.

NB in 2011 past construction of the St. Louis terminal of the future Stan Musial Bridge that now carries I-70 across the Mississippi River, panning from west to east. The bridge picks up out of Tucker Blvd. leaving downtown, thus helping to divert both I-70 through traffic and local city traffic off of the congested I-55/64/US 40 Poplar St. Bridge as well as the alternative Martin Luther King and Eads Bridges. By tying in at the I-64 split from I-55/70, it also makes sure that there won't be a new bottleneck in East St. Louis. (Because trust me, you really don't want to be stuck there.)

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