Minnesota Roads - Zumbrota Covered Bridge

Zumbrota Covered Bridge

This is the last covered bridge in Minnesota. These photos head south from Covered Bridge Park, a name that suggests that the community will ensure this bridge remains in Minnesota for years to come.

Looking west and east along the North Fork Zumbro River. The town was named for the river with a corrupted suffix of "ton" from the native Dakota (instead of using the perfectly acceptable English suffix "ton"). The river's name is itself corrupted from the French Rivière des Embarras or River of Obstructions (not the River of Embarrassment, or no one would have settled there), which is pronounced, in English, as Riviair Day Zombra. (Please, please, do not try to say those wordoids and pretend you know French. It will be easily apparent you know nothing.)

Walking north across the bridge from the West St. south approach.

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