Minnesota Roads - US 2

All photos are westbound.

I'm not sure there really is a 6th St. in Munger. But can't doubt the mounting bracket.

US 2 WB and MN 194 WB at their junction.

Entering La Prairie, the suburb east of Grand Rapids, US 2 is apparently meant to be widened at some point, perhaps to bypass the city (likely to the north).

Use 7th Ave. SE to cut off downtown from US 2 to US 169. Don't look for this old shield anymore, though.

Through Grand Rapids, the hometown of Judy Garland.

Don't have to tell you what that is, the sign takes care of it.

Okay, this photo isn't westbound, but it's also not on US 2. This is Old Main St. at its eastern stub in Cohasset.

I wouldn't plan to stay at that motel.

This is the Mississippi River near its headwaters, which is why US 2 briefly becomes the Great River Road. A lot easier to cross here.

The Big Fish, a 65' long muskie, used to be the restaurant itself. Now it hangs out in front of the Supper Club. Winnie Lake is actually Winnibigoshish. I don't care if the locals call it Winnie, MnDOT's responsibility is to use the actual name.

Most places don't post shields from different counties like this, if only because county roads aren't generally important enough to warrant it. Many MN county roads are "county state-aid highways", county maintained but state funded, which may be why CR 39 is signed here.

Cass Lake and a misshapen US 2 shield.

Welcome to Bagley.

A bunch of non-road or quasi-road photos starting at Halvorson Lake and ending near East Grand Forks.

The end of MN's responsibility is midway across the 1963 J.F. Kennedy Bridge. I guarantee you it was only named that because he died that year, since he has no local significance except having visited there once. (He actually visited in 1963 as well, so there's a connection.)

Bus. US 2, East Grand Forks
Former US 2, Bemidji

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