Minnesota Roads - Old US 2 Bemidji

Former US 2, Bemidji

Starting not on old US 2, this is looking west at it from MN 197, which is "newer old 2". Photos here will focus on the 1916 Nymore Bridge, bypassed way back in 1934 by the bridge preceding the modern ones MN 197 now crosses.

Walking to the Nymore Bridge from there. Would you believe that this lazy creek is the Mississippi River? You would, because it is.

Walking north across the old bridge. I'm glad they didn't use the pedestrian paths along MN 197 and the bridge just west of this one as an excuse to tear this down.

The only view I'll grant you of the 2002 MN 197 bridge. This is quite high for the Mississippi River. Let that sink in.

Back south across the bridge. This has not been open to vehicles since MN 197 was widened with the new bridge in 2002, such that MN 197 SB is now on the old US 2 route south of here. This sign must be at least that old, since there's no need for it with pedestrians and it's not even accurate (the path crosses the side street ahead).

I hope beyond hope that Bemidji or MnDOT will see fit to restore the historic lamps at the north end of the bridge someday.

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