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Old MN 77

In short, this is what the page is all about. MN 77 used to use Cedar Ave. leaving Minneapolis to the south, crossing Long Meadow Lake on this truss span. Now, it's called Old Cedar Ave., closed to all traffic, and on its way to falling into the swamp.

Past the end of the truss bridge, modern MN 77 is a dualized freeway that has stolen the Cedar Ave. name and takes these arches over the Minnesota River. The corresponding span of former 77 has been removed.

Looking south along the bridge I wish I could cross for more photos.

Resigned to my fate, I head back out of the parking lot, and come across this situation. Yes, back before the wooden gate, this was a divided highway, but only for about 10 feet. This is the situation for which the white median Keep Right sign was invented.

Old Cedar Ave. SB to where it "terminates," although 1,600 feet is a little stingy, since there's at least that much road left even after the four lanes merge into two. (What a nice remnant of history, to have a former state highway still striped for four lanes despite being a dead end.)

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