Minnesota Roads - MN 65/Central Ave. Bridge

MN 65, Central Avenue Bridge (Minneapolis)

I'll start with the one photo that's not part of the Central Avenue Bridge. CR 35 heads around the east side of Moore Lake and up through the east side of Fridley until getting cut off by US 10. What's interesting is that it also takes the Central Avenue name with it, while MN 65 heads straight across the lake on an unsightly causeway, ruining the aesthetic of Moore Lake Park, and parallels CR 35 up to the US 10/MN 65 interchange. Small surprise that on the north side of the interchange MN 65 regains the Central Avenue name once more, because if you haven't already guessed, CR 35 is the route once followed by MN 65, except it was too residential to be widened as traffic grew.

Looking east at the Central Avenue Bridge, most glamorous from below, from the Merriam St. Bridge and Nicollet Island in downtown Minneapolis.

Approaching the bridge on Main St. EB along the northeastern shore of the Mississippi River.

One more view from below, looking southwest.

Onto and across the S-shaped bridge, which seems completely nondescript from the top. MN 65 ends just to the south at Washington Avenue, former US 52 and US 12. Then again, this was former US 65 instead of a state highway - and also carried US 8 to its downtown end.

Two more views from the southwestern shore of the Mississippi, the second looking west from the Stone Arch Bridge, which you can see at the bridges link below.

One other bridge you can see from Central Avenue and see more of via the link below, the Hennepin Avenue Bridge to the west, just as historic as all the others and with its own style, like a miniaturized Brooklyn Bridge minus the need for structural heft or reinforcement.

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