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MN 36

MN 36 isn't a freeway for very long, but it's got some weird stuff going on. That snowman is far from a temporary fixture at Margaret St., the last overpass before the first traffic signal on 36, seeing as how I'm there in late April and it also appears in Google Street View (updated regularly). It was a warm day, too, and this guy hasn't even broken a sweat!

Two signs of mild interest, the first for a non-pentagon county route (it seems to be a county-by-county decision in Minnesota, or at least has been in the past), and the second for black-background shields. Also, Wisconsin should be in mixed case instead of all caps.

Looking north along the St. Croix River at the Stillwater Bridge, a draw span carrying MN 36 into Wisconsin. Like the Hastings High Bridge on US 61, this outdated two-lane bridge is being replaced by a modern 4-laner, but unlike that other bridge, this one will remain intact for pedestrians, just as it should be.

Heading east across the bridge to the state line, where my photos mysteriously drop off as if they're on a completely different page.

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