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Two eras of state highway markers, starting from the earliest (1920s), skipping a white version of that yellow star shield, and heading into the 1960s for today's square in a less blue color. MN 1 is very much still active, but MN 2 disappeared in 1934 due to duplication with US 2. It wasn't replaced by any state route because it ran along US 10, US (now MN) 210, and (former) US 61 to Duluth.

US 10 WB at COUNTY 76, which, you guessed it, goes through the City of Little Falls. You can also guess that this is old 10 leaving; it then crosses the Mississippi River on Broadway (MN 27/28), and follows Lindbergh Drive back to US 10. It may be harder to guess that this was the birthplace of Charles Lindbergh, and finally, don't even try guessing that this photo is courtesy Rich Piehl.

There are two MN 62s, completely unrelated. The Minneapolis one exhibited in this WB photo was upgraded from Hennepin CR 62 as part of an early beltway around the MSP metro area (Crosstown Highway), but the completion of I-494/I-694 used a parallel alignment bettween Edina and Bloomington instead of following this improved highway through the heart of Edina.

Though it doesn't tell you which way you're going, clearly this is eastbound. This and the next two photos are courtesy Michael Summa, and date to 1986.

Two MN 105 photos - the first just crossing the border (I wonder what was underneath the obvious patch job on the 105), and the second is at MN 116, former US 16, which continues straight ahead.

Another Rich Piehl photo.

Click for a video of I-394 heading east from I-94 into the heart of Minneapolis.

SB in Stillwater, Chestnut St. at 3rd St.

The other style of county route shield that MN seems to use interchangeably, seen on CR 52 NB in George Washington State Forest and heading into Angle Inlet, the northernmost settlement in the contiguous 48 states.

Itasca County's attempt at a clearance sign, CR 80 WB out of Marble.

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