Minnesota Roads - Lake of the Woods CR 332

CR 331 WB continues west of the south end of CR 332 to a dead-end. Every important road in the Northwest Angle is a county route and fully signed.

Heading north to, oddly enough, an angle in CR 332 where it turns from north to west. I'm really not sure why the Philadelphia Friends of Franklin sponsored this sign... but that's why we have the Internet! Ol' Ben was responsible for the US/Canada border description, and he thought he was following the Mississippi River up to the Lake of the Woods, but it hadn't been surveyed yet and turned out not to reach quite that far. So had he been more knowledgeable, the USA would ironically have ended up with less land.

CR 333 spurs east of that point to one of the Angle Inlet neighborhoods, providing boating access to Lake of the Woods from Pine Creek. That is not the right numeral font.

Non-roads at that corner: the northernmost schoolhouse in the 48 contiguous states (and still only one room), and the early morning sun over the lake.

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