Minnesota Roads - Hennepin CR 101/old MN 101

Hennepin , former MN 101

Above: 89th Ave. WB, Maple Grove. MN guide signs have a habit of omitting the county name.

Continuing SB from there, these photos only look like they're on MN 55. CR 101 follows a silent duplex here, a remnant of when it was still MN 101. The state highway still exists in two small sections at either end of the long county-maintained route that retains the original number. Notice the faded letters stuck into the railing at the top of the bridge, spelling out "SOO LINE" for the railroad.

Odd-looking guide signs SB at the modern US 12 freeway extending west from the end of I-394. It seems that Series E font was used for the directional letters, but maybe Series E Modified for the numerals? They shouldn't be that thick.

One of the similar NB signs at the interchange and another of the interesting signal poles.

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