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Minneapolis bridges

They're all different. Which one's your favorite?

Northbound across the Hennepin Avenue Bridge, a dual suspension span from the southwest side of the Mississippi River to Nicollet Island. It's rare to have suspension cables in the middle of a bridge, especially for one constructed in 1990. Bet you didn't know it was that new, huh? The old bridge was a boring steel arch underneath with nothing cool on top. It's very nice to see that architectural details occasionally still make an appearance.

A perspective from Nicollet Island.

From there, instead of continuing on Hennepin Avenue, go a block to the southeast and take Merriam Street onto the northeast shore. It's over 100 years older than Hennepin Avenue and a style you won't find elsewhere in the city. Then again, no two Minneapolis bridges look alike.

Looking south from the other side of the bridge.

Down under the Stone Arch Bridge, the next bridge to the east, from the southwest shore, just downstream of St. Anthony Falls. Who wins, Pillsbury to the north or Gold Medal to the south? How about America's grain producers? (A heartwarming moment brought to you by Congressional farm subsidies, keeping our most basic industry alive.)

Turned around west and back under the bridge.

Various views of the St. Anthony's Falls Bridge (I-35W) and, just to the east, the 10th Avenue Bridge, starting at the Stone Arch Bridge and driving eastward on West River Pkwy.

Just east of both of those, Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge #9. There are no creative names up here, only the utilitarian. The first two photos look east and the last looks west.

If you've made it down this far, congratulations, this is the last bridge featured on this page! The Washington Avenue Bridge is notable for having vehicles on the lower level and pedestrians above. Other than that, there's not much to it.

Central Avenue Bridge, MN 65
St. Anthony Falls Bridge, I-35W

Robert Street Bridge, St. Paul
(next to Minneapolis, close enough)

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