Minnesota Roads

The photo above was on US 218 NB in 1986, courtesy Michael Summa.


US 52
US 61

Bridges of Minneapolis
Robert Street (Bridge), Saint Paul
Zumbrota Covered Bridge
MN 5
MN 36
MN 55
MN 56
MN 65 and Central Ave. Bridge
Old MN 77
MN 100
MN 610
Hennepin CR 101 (former MN 101)
Misc. Routes

4th St. WB leading up from West River Parkway in Minneapolis.

When Mower County says unimproved, you better believe it. Somewhere between MN 105 and US 218 in 1986, Mower CR 6 went from pavement to, well, scrub brush and light prairie. (I believe this has been fixed in the intervening years.) Perfect if you're riding your horse or moose, less so in a tractor or hovercraft, but forget it in a car. The embossed sign is at least neat-o-rific for those of us who must turn around. Courtesy Michael Summa.

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