Michigan Roads - US 31

US 31

The US 31 NB freeway ends temporarily at Exit 24, but picks up again a couple of miles later along the beginning I-196. I-196 just has a regular trumpet at I-94, so there is some work to do to extend the freeway from this stub into 196 unless the revised plans take root to connect it into 94 to the south. Courtesy J.P. Nasiatka.

Leaving the NB concurrency and taking the Lake Michigan Circle Tour with it, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. Why the NJDOT shield? (Though the white outline is more Maine-style.)

Original neon in Grand Haven.

NB on the freeway out of Grand Haven toward Muskegon. The consistently styled overpasses, built low to much earlier than Interstate standards, are at Van Wagoner St., Taft St., and Pontaluna Rd. The BGS should have just a teensy bit smaller "BUSINESS" on it.

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