Michigan Roads - US 24

I-94 has an unreasonably cool overpass over US 24. It's even interesting from on top.

Because the SB photos were taken at night, I got NB photos in daylight just for you. The assembly in the first photo is just before the interchange. Thru Traffic is not a destination, there's no need for two shields, and something about the arrows on the right sign gives me pause as well.

NB in the Detroit area, starting with two views of the exceptionally narrow US 12 interchange (first of a railroad overpass, then the EB/SB ramps folded a few feet from the curb). Michigan only non-square diamonds on guide signs (like the older example in the third photo), so every other elongated diamond you see is a mistake. That third photo also shows off a typical "Michigan left" - to make a left from the main road you pass the side street and turn left in this U-turn lane. To make a left from the side road, you turn right on the main road and use the same U-turn lane. Of course, it's only found on wide divided highways, and Michigan may be the only states that has many of those in urban areas.

These former US 24 shields were put to good use on Livernois Ave. SB, back when M-10 was still US 10 (and connected to the rest of US 10).

Two subtle NB errors. Standalone shields should always have an M on top, which takes care of the second photo. If the first photo looks fine to you, it's because you're not a Michigan native. All of the other signs abbreviate Grand as "Gd."

Signs get old and/or strange as I continue north to Southfield (which is north of Northfield, don't ask). These are consecutive Michigan lefts, first with a misshapen shield, then with a NJDOT-style one that may be a patch job, then an original one with tilted digits.

Along Business US 24/I-75 in Pontiac. The Loop carries routes around downtown to try to make things less congested.

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