Michigan Roads - I-94


Chicago is a destination, not a direction. Those other routes get directions, so it can't be that hard. Here you also see standard but unique Michigan practices: underlined directions, up arrows instead of down, and white square backgrounds for business route shields.

Through/under a fantastically overwrought overpass arch that serves as a gateway to Detroit for travelers on I-94 above and US 24 below.

Fun fact about the Uniroyal Tire: It was originally a Ferris wheel with gondolas on the outside during the 1964 World's Fair. Less fun fact: It's been remodeled twice from its original look. In fact, it has a nail on top to brag about its puncture-proof capabilities. Dear Uniroyal, please restore the original facade. Love, Steve. These are the EB and WB sides respectively.

Typical Detroit route signage - even the newer LGS's have state-name shields on them. This was the only one I saw that appeared to be this aged.

The WB Exit 225 ramp sports a mini-shield.

How do two signs erected at the same time, on the same gantry, look so different? It's not just the disappearing South on the right sign, it's also the exit tab spacing and the fact that the tab doesn't span the whole sign. This is EB.

I-69 and I-94/69
Business I-94 (Battle Creek) on M-96
Business I-94 in Port Huron

Into Ontario on Highway 402
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Exit 98 to M-66
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