Maine Roads - ME 3/US 1 - W. of Penobscot Narrows

ME 3 and 3/US 1 west of Penobscot Narrows

ME 3 WB across the Penobscot River (looking north) to where it ends north of Augusta. The pavement shields do nothing, especially when worn away. The oversized novelty median sign is especially neat for including the state name on the Interstate shields, although it's probably trying to do three times too much. I left some extra in the last photo so you can compare two different BGS styles - the one on the left looks older (and has the wrong down arrow), but the one on the right doesn't have the larger first letter in "NORTH." And, of course, the obvious differences in color and shield.

WB in a state park (Lake St. George?).

From US 1/ME 3 SB/WB, the first exit in Belfast leads to ME 7 and ME 137 by way of two left turns. It's also the way out from area along High St. to get to the US 1/ME 3 SB/WB entrance ramp on ME 7/137, so all four routes get signed. (Never mind that US 1/ME 3 NB/EB just had an entrance ramp from High St. The split interchange is weird.)

Things You Can't Make Up. It's Native American for "place where Wakeag ate too much maize."

Speaking of which, here's the Belfast Armistice Bridge, low to the Passagassawakeag. It was the original US 1/ME 3 crossing before the current high span was built.

Unfortunately, the old deck was demolished and a new, narrow pedestrian deck was built on the old piers. Heck, the old piers even have new pier caps. So... enjoy the old piers.

Looking north along the river at the even more boring US 1/ME 3 bridge. It doesn't even have a name!

Belfast Bay looking south from current US 1/ME 3.

Clearly the Church St. overpass in Stockton Springs is being rebuilt. Equally clearly, the contractor did not put much effort into the detour signs.

EB (US 1 NB) through Searsport. The 1A to the left, like all of them in Maine, should be a US highway.

WB/SB to the same spot with the same error.

The former EB/NB approach to the Waldo-Hancock Bridge is now cut off as a dead end, while ME 3/US 1 go through a rock cut and curve around into the new Penobscot Narrows Bridge. The old bridge is way better, but I do like the new name, because who names a bridge after the counties it connects?

Back southwest on the old road.

Now WB/SB on the new road.

These old-font but newly erected signs keep trespassers and curious photodocumentarians (ahem) from exploring the old Waldo-Hancock Bridge. But I did the best I could - see the big link below.

US 1/ME 3 Waldo-Hancock and Penobscot Narrows Bridges
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