Maine Roads


I long thought this was from Massachusetts, but it's far more likely from Maine. It's amazing that only one letter has popped off this 19th century cast iron sign, and all of the remaining ones are securely fastened with two nails. The most amazing part about this sign, to me, is the disembodied hand floating suspiciously to the right.

US 1
By-Pass US 1
US 1A in York
US 1A in Portland
Old US 1, Brunswick-Bath
Business US 1, Damariscotta
US 1A through Bangor

US 2
US 201
US 201A
US 202

Androscoggin River Railroad Bridge
Dixfield Bridge, Mexico-Peru
Memorial Bridge, Rumford
Two Cent Bridge, Waterville
Veterans (Memorial) Bridge, Portland
Wire Bridge, New Portland

Danforth Street, Portland
Sanford and Springvale

ME 3
ME 4
ME 8
ME 9
ME 11
ME 16
ME 17
ME 22
ME 24
ME 25
ME 26
ME 27
ME 52
ME 77
ME 88
ME 90
ME 96
ME 103
ME 108
ME 111
ME 112
ME 115
ME 124
ME 127
Old ME 129, S. Bristol
ME 131
ME 146
ME 149
ME 174
ME 182
ME 194
ME 196
ME 212
ME 236
ME 237

Misc. signs

Maine Non-Roads

ME 220 SB leaving US 1.

ME 191 NB, cheating the nighttime.

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J.P. Kirby's Maine Roads
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