Maryland Roads - Worcester Co.

Worcester County

2nd St. SB in Pocomoke City, which becomes MD 371 sometime after crossing these tracks. The state would never keep around cool signs like this (especially ones missing 70% of their letters), so 2nd St. can take its time getting to 371.

Keep the Old Line State... old? MD 376 EB at Ayres Creek. I thought all states were free, but Maryland snatched up the nickname.

MD 377 NB, Williams St., at Berlin First Baptist Church in, of course, Berlin.

MD 611 SB onto Assateague Island, a great name for a sandbar. It must be why tourists come here, enough that MD had to come back and build a separate bike/pedestrian bridge years after the main Verrazano Bridge span.

Have another Assateague photo on the house. Look twice - this isn't MILE 1, but SITE 1. The sites are either related to viewing local fauna or studying beach erosion, as best I can tell from a relatively unhelpful Internet.

If that's not enough, click to drive MD 611 northbound off the island.

EB on the short MD 756, Old Snow Hill Rd. east of Snow Hill.

MD 12
MD 364
MD 365
MD 366
US 13
Business US 13, Pocomoke City
US 50
US 113
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