Maryland Roads - US 13

Yes, even though US 113 is closer to the coast, this is the Ocean Highway. The above sign appears well north of any other signs for it, though - in fact, only on overhead LGS's near Virginia is it mentioned, making this the only Ocean Highway trailblazer.

SB at the beginning of US 113. Heck, it goes to Ocean City, but no, that's not enough to get 113 named Ocean Highway instead...

I know this is how some states do it, but that doesn't make it right. Can you read "BUSINESS" in this SB shield?

Presenting the NB sign on the south side of the city out of order, showing the style I prefer. You can read it now, right? Actually, those shields should be mounted separately, or else "BUS {13}" (or similar) should be printed directly on the sign without borders.

The end of MD 822, a connector out of UMD Eastern Shore in Princess Anne.

SB at BUS BUSINESS 50. I guess cars and trucks have to use a different BUSINESS 50? Or maybe they should all go to Fruitland instead. Feelin' Fruity? Come to Maryland! (No, seriously, "Cedar Lane" does not belong on that sign, or else the 513 doesn't. Can't have it both ways and be readable.)

Signage on SB US 13 at the then-newly completed Salisbury Bypass. The mess of lights on Business 13 and 50 makes this a great new -loop. You also get a taste of the green BUSINESS US shield, patterned after the Interstate BUSINESS shield, but only adopted by a few states so far.

MD 675, former US 13
Onto Business US 13, Pocomoke City
Onto Business US 13, Salisbury

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Into Delaware on US 13
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