Maryland Roads - US 113

Above: courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The original southern end of US 113, Bypass Rd. (MD 359) is now cut off by the more modern US 13/113 intersection.

On the west side of that stub is this old warplane in front of the American Legion building, facing the aforementioned 13/113 intersection.

The north end of that Pocomoke City old alignment hits this dead end, but this is no longer MD 359. 359 blends into Old Snow Hill Rd., a link into the city that's numbered MD 756, which then uses a small piece of the old alignment to get to a good intersecting point with US 113.

Looking south from the dead end at the eastern beginning of MD 756.

Maryland usually uses a green all-inclusive "BUSINESS" shield for its business routes, but the older style was like what most other states do, as the Snow Hill alignment attests. Don't you wonder how only one of the two green-sign 113s got a black background?

This is what I'm talking about, SB at the southern end of town, although the old way is still present just behind the new sign. It'll be a matter of time before a new assembly appears in conformity with every other shield in the state.

Meanwhile, the NB side of the Snow Hill bypass has to deal with ugliness like this. It sure looks like something I've, err, evacuated.

I set out to take some sunset photos, heading south from US 50, and some road photos got in the way. You can dimly make out some pavement that will eventually become the NB roadway of a dualized setup. There are still a few miles left of single carriageway in MD, but DE finished its projects a few years ago, and the rest in Maryland are all planned or already under construction.

Here, for example, are Lou Corsaro's northbound photos from 2011, showing a different stretch of roadway where it's the SB side that's being built instead of NB.

Looking south and north from the beginning of the Showell business route, obviously once the main highway.

Jarvis Rd. SB used to meet US 113 at a shallow angle near Bishop, back before 113 was dualized. It's conceivable but unlikely that the original, 1926 routing of US 113 followed Jarvis until the modern alignment was built.

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