Maryland Roads - US 1 (and US 40 Truck)

and US 40 Truck/US 1

Northbound just outside Washington.

NB and SB respectively. These signs are old enough where originally they only had the I-495 shield on them.

SB between Baltimore and Washington. The MD 32 signs are blurry, but you can tell the shield on the left is a lot smaller than the one on the right. What does the white sign say? Thanks to the Historical Marker Database, this is Van Horn's Tavern, on Vansville Hill, in Beltsville (appropriately named for its location on I-495). The original sign was placed in 1932, and replaced in 1972.

Sign design questions abount on MD 100 EB. Foremost in my mind is why both signs need thick black borders on both sides. If the green part of the sign were that wide, both signs could be arranged much better. The "1/2 MILE" on the left is too small and squished to be of any use. Now, let's attack the US 1 sign. The "1" is left aligned with "NORTH" (which is in the wrong font series) for no reason, and the arrow shouldbe inside the EXIT ONLY panel, which should stretch the full width of the sign. MD also puts way too much space between the word "EXIT" and the exit number.

Great NB finds as Wilkens Ave. comes to Fulton Ave., where US 1 makes a left. Wilkens Ave. soon ends, and I don't see how traffic is supposed to continue to find the JFK Highway (I-95 north of the city); my guess is a turn up to Pratt St. Click on the last photo for a closeup with unknown attribution - is it yours?

SB at I-83 Exit 6 and Mt. Royal Avenue.

A non-reflective button-copy surprise, NB.

The right and then the wrong way to sign US 1, southbound. This is one of only two Maryland shield errors I've ever seen.

Two more, a little further south, courtesy Lou Corsaro, with a neat old sign for the B-W.

SB and NB, respectively, at the brief US 40 freeway, which was to have been I-170 (see US 40 page, link at bottom). The NB sign for US 40 WEST makes it obvious that there was supposed to be more there, while the SB sign could be interpreted as a sign that the freeway would not be extended further east, leaving about a mile before it merged into the frontage roads (which would have been US 40). Click on either sign for an extreme closeup of the US 40 shield.

The advance sign on US 1 SB for US 40, and the reassurance shield immediately afterward. Obviously there's enough room for an I-170 shield on that sign, but only by looking closely at the original resolution (or in person) can one see that the arrow on the right is outlined in button copy, while the original left arrow has just single lines of copy. Therefore, the right arrow is newer, replacing what may have been a double-pronged arrow representing a short right for US 40 WB (frontage roads) and a longer right for I-170 WB (freeway).

Monroe St., which is US 1 SB ahead, at North Ave., which is US 1 (both directions once NB catches up) to the left. Truck US 1 is to the right and Truck US 40 passes from Truck 1 to regular 1 here (to later leave via MD 151).

Scenes from North Avenue, on which US 1 leaves the Baltimore area. Once 1 turns left, North Avenue ends at the Baltimore Cemetery - see link at bottom to Baltimore.

Southbound, last photo courtesy Lou Corsaro. The small I-83 shield (see the I-83 page for another) is where US 1 turns right onto North Avenue. The last photo is where US 1 SB turns left onto Monroe St. just before US 40.

SB at the end of the Bel Air Bypass, where Business US 1 also ends. Since new US 1 crosses the old route many times, you'll see a lot more of Business 1...

NB and SB respectively; the cancellation of the freeway leads to indecisiveness on what to name the old road to the south. Also, note the ever-present Maryland ampersands.

Surprise! US 1 SB is not ending in 6.6 miles, though. The mileage on the Bel Air Bypass, for some reason, goes to 0 at the end of the Bypass.

All SB, and the green shields haven't yet replaced the other Maryland oddity - the one-piece turn assemblies. More of those to come, as well. Conowingo Rd. is so named because US 1 goes to Conowingo Dam. If you weren't already sure Business 1 was the old road, this should do it.

NB, same intersection.

One-piece signal turn assemblies, somewhat rarer than the vertical ground/pole-mounted type.

The SB beginning of the somewhat long business route, where you can clearly see the path US 1 took as it curved to the right. Yes, US 1 becomes two lanes to the north.

More one-piece assemblies, first NB and the last two SB (left and right).

Now from the perspective of MD 623 EB.

The Conowingo Dam, with a 60-ton Morgan Crane from the Morgan Engineering Company. This is the southernmost free crossing of the Susquehanna River, with US 40 and I-95 having toll crossings further south.

Now northbound across the dam, managing to pull a view of the dam structure. At its narrowest, the roadway makes it difficult for two trucks to pass.

The Susquehanna River to the north of the dam, not a named lake.

Click for a northbound drive - why didn't I make a video sooner?

Here goes an old alignment at Octoraro Creek, and you can see a Dead End diamond, so why is it a state highway - and especially, why is it signed with a route number? I can answer the former question, in that Maryland often holds onto old state highway segments (I gather the county or town has to approve receiving maintenance in order for them to be downloaded) and gives them reference numbers like 591, but I can never understand why such short, meaningless nothings are posted as highways.

MD 222 Truck goes almost to the PA border before coming back down MD 276 to 222. It's not even signed along MD 273 to cut just a tiny corner off of that circuitous route. MD 222 is certainly no route for trucks, lining the bottom of the Susquehanna River valley. It used to be US 222, and may have been downgraded because of its physical characteristics.

I'm gonna guess the tree and the sign once went together. I'm also gonna guess the stump will remain next to the sign, but someone ought to clear away the rest.

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