Maryland Roads - Talbot Co.

Talbot County

MD 303 SB approaches its southern end at MD 309 under an abandoned railroad. The two routes bounce off each other in Queen Anne; MD 303 is an eastern alternate to MD 309, except for the short piece where it follows a one-way onramp from the routes' northern intersection onto MD 404 EB.

Speaking of that route, this shield needs a state name and some trimming. It's on the one part of MD 404 that's not heavily traveled with upgraded signage and a milled centerline rumble strip - the dangling end west of US 50 that heads to former 50, MD 662, in Wye Mills.

Harrison St. SB at Dover St. in Easton, which apparently has too much money for signal maintenance.

The magnificent and obviously pricey Tidewater Inn, on the northeast corner of Harrison and Dover.

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