Maryland Roads - Montgomery Co.

Montgomery County

MD 108, first baked into the EB wall just after it begins, then a few miles later at MD 94 (not "TO").

Just where the heck am I? This county has some really weird townlets near DC. The townlet in question is only eight blocks tall by three wide, and is found entirely on the east side of MD 186. This sign faces the entrance to one of the streets along 186.

Meanwhile, the west side of MD 186 remains the much larger but stil bizarrely-named Chevy Chase. This is Section Three, a bizarre name for a neighborhood as well. The name derives from the "Cheviot Chase", or the hunting grounds of Cheviot Hills, described in a medieval ballad. Chevy Chase the actor was named for the same ballad, having been born with the last name "Chase", and is thus tied to the same background as the town but with no mutual association.

Montrose Rd. at E. Jefferson St. in Rockville, a small shortcut to MD 187 instead of turning at Rockville Pike/MD 355. Old Georgetown Road used to flow straight out of 355 and still crosses Montrose Rd. (which until the 1970's was where MD 183 began as Randolph Rd.), but dead-ends at the realigned end of 187 (slightly west of the second photo).

Another shield of similar age.

DC-standard signal assembly and street sign, but then an MD-standard street sign just behind it. These are both on the northwest side of Western Ave., and thus both in Chevy Chase, Maryland. No, I don't expect two jurisdictions to go halfsies on signals, but I expect the signs to come from the same place. Then again, MD has done this before.

Clara Barton and Cabin John Parkways
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MD 27
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MD 198
MD 200, Intercounty Connector
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