Maryland Roads - MD 969

MD 969

The part of MD 969 that everyone sees is 969A, Fairview Ave. north from MD 168 to this ramp.

The part of MD 969 that no one sees is Eleanor Ave. (or Dr., or Ln., depending who you ask), a glorified driveway heading north from MD 168 to nothing at all. The guiderail on either side is your clue that it's state-maintained, and the next question is why. From what I can tell, Eleanor Ave. was once continuous across MD 168 instead of this short dead-end (with the rest to the south) and went just about to the Patapsco River. I don't know what was along it then, but into the 1970s there were either houses or a complex of buildings at the north end, which may have had some function warranting state-maintained (though unpaved) access. That area is now part of Patapsco Valley State Park and returned to wilderness, and realistically this road should be abandoned as a driveway to the one house beyond the tire tracks, but why would that homeowner want to deal with maintenance that the state takes care of for free?

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