Maryland Roads - MD 939

MD 939

MD 939 is a tiny, dead-end stub off of MD 36 that would be completely forgettable if not for the fact that it's still state-maintained, not just as a piece of 36's pavement, but as its own, uniquely numbered state highway. The official definition of 939 ends at the guiderail, but the old road continues beyond it until it gets to Lower Georges Creek Rd.'s guiderail. (The rail must be fairly new, because if you'll notice, the "No Outlet" sign is actually behind it. There's no outlet or inlet there.) The road that continues straight, just like MD 939, is original MD 36. For some reason, instead of assigning the same number to all of the old pieces of MD 36 like it does for every other route, MdSHA wasted four whole numbers. The road just in back is MD 935, and then there are also 936 and 937. There's no 938, proving Maryland wasn't thinking at all when they were assigning numbers to old 36.

Looking back south toward current MD 36.

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