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MD 935

The southern end of MD 935 is where it stops being the old alignment of MD 36. (It may actually be at the next street to the north that connects to 36, but this definition is more poetic.) Lower Georges Creek Rd. curves to the right, and straight ahead but inaccessible is the stub of the other piece of old 36 alignment, which happens to be numbered MD 939. 935, 936, 937, and 939 are all old alignments of MD 36, yet oddly, there is no 938.

Heading north from that first connection to MD 36, Sugar Maple Lane, and into Barton. Unfortunately, my camera's focus missed the bridge plaque.

MD 935 turns onto Legislative Rd. in Barton, which then curves left across the parallel railroad, leaving you with this. Click on the top or bottom for a closeup of the two cool signs.

Oh, look, there's another one on the left just after crossing.

Top and bottom of the SB side of that second assembly, right at the corner of Legion Rd.

One more old bridge before I leave town.

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