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MD 817

Linchester Rd., the western section of MD 817, EB leaving Preston and looking north at its eastern end. It's separated from the other section by the MD 16/331 bridge over Hunting Creek, 817 being original MD 16/331.

The eastern section of MD 817 follows Langrell Rd. west from Seaman Rd. (even though the old road continues east) to the original Hunting Creek bridge, surprisingly still standing, and into the embankment on which MD 16/331 now rides. Original MD 16/331 concrete pokes through.

If you didn't notice the original shoulder striping on the bridge in the previous photos, you sure do now.

Original cable guiderail protects the trees and creek north of the old road.

The old bridge has so much more class than the new crossing, which is just a culvert dug into the embankment.

Back east to the car.

What is this relatively nondescript MD 817 shield doing on my site, and why is it indoors? The webmaster and webmistress of my friends at Maryland Roads got married on 8/17, and this shield was a wedding gift! (Not mine, I'm not imaginative enough.) It was made custom for the event, but is worth the space on my site for a unique occasion.

Since we're already on the subject of a road enthusiast wedding, instead of flowers, they used maps! No good maps were harmed in the making of these bouquets.

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