Maryland Roads - MD 806

MD 806

All photos are from Catoctin Furnace Rd., old US 15 south of Thurmont.

So, right away, Catoctin Furnace.

Poking around the grounds.

Heading northward, there's a 19th-century stone wall around the edge of the furnace property, now outlining a gateway to nowhere.

Then MD 806 crosses an old bridge that once carried US 15. But that's a secondary attraction here to the green truss in the woods to the west. It looks fairly new, so my guess is that it's carrying a rail-to-trail. There's only a slight possibility that it's an original US 15 truss predating the current MD 806 bridge.

MD 806 exists in a lot of pieces. This is the end of one of the longest pieces, and another one begins north from downtown Thurmont.

Onto modern US 15

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