Maryland Roads - MD 8

MD 8

Let's start in the south, where MD 8 ends at the bottom of Kent Island in Romancoke. I'm looking southeast into the rising sun, and there seems to be a piano in the water. Who's up for musical crabs? (A terrible game at a strip club, by the way.)

Maryland assigns random high route numbers to every old alignment it can't get rid of, as well as frontage roads built for freeways. The various pieces of MD 835 (each lettered) serve two purposes: old alignments of MD 18, and frontage and connector roads for US 50/301. (MD 18 was the only road around until US 50 came barreling across the then-new Chesapeake Bay Bridge in 1952.) In this case, the "A" piece of 835 is the southern frontage road for US 50/301 east of MD 8 (photographed NB), since old MD 18 appears to have been the northern frontage road. It's very rare for any of these old alignment route numbers to be signed, and even more so for the internal letter designation to appear.

A rare case in which both US 50 and US 301 are signed, and US 301 isn't lumped under the "EAST" banner! Too bad the US 50 shield was given a cellulite injection, or this would actually be a good sign on MD 8 SB. (Well, also, the left arrow should also be centered.)

MD 8 NB ends, and two variants of MD shields appear side by side. I consider the one on the left the correct style, but the one on the right is far from alone in the state.

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