Maryland Roads - MD 778

MD 778

All of MD 778 is old alignments of MD 2, Old Solomon's Island Rd., in Anne Arundel County.
I lied, the first photo is in Calvert County, NB over Hall Creek.

Technically, this part of the old alignment is not state-maintained, but MD 778 begins ahead at MD 261.

This is at the north end of that old alignment. There is no accompanying North shield. Who's heading north to go back south?

The segment of old road south of MD 423 is 778N, and these photos head south.

SB on the 778F segment, which passes the former west end of MD 256 in the second photo.

The few feet from the old beginning of MD 256 to the new at MD 2.

The alignment south of the MD 408/422 junction is 778J, here seen SB.

Onto modern MD 2

Onto MD 261
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